Just before the city's arguably useless Entertainment Commission voted to close killer nightclub Suede for 30 days -- if you recall, a 20-year-old Richmond man was killed and four wounded in a February shootout outside the Fisherman' Wharf club -- the mayor said the commission should call it quits. "I think we can simply do without the Entertainment Commission. I don't see it adding real value," Newsom told The Chronicle. "I don't, at the end of the day, feel it's lived up to its purpose."

Founded back in 2003 "with the mission to regulate, promote and enhance the field of entertainment in the city of San Francisco," the Entertainment Commission was more famous, as The Chronicle goes on to point out, for allegedly "voting on projects they're linked to or with which they have perceived conflicts of interest." Before February's fatal shooting, the commission had heard 10 complaints about Suede's brewing shitstorm, and did nothing.

Without the commission, though, some worry about the continuing loss of SF nightlife, which according to NYT, "was a large part of the motivation for the creation of the commission."