Alas, there's been yet another attack on the T Line. ABC 7 reports that on between the ages of 14 and 16 inside the Muni light rail on Third Street and Williams Avenue."

Last week, five teens "surrounded a 57-year-old woman on the Muni platform on Third Street" wherein a useless 15-year-old grabbed her by the neck and threw her on to the rails. Both incidents come on the heels of another attack in January that proved fatal. Huan Chen, 83, according to The Chronicle, was "kicked and punched Jan. 24 after he left a bus stop at Third Street and Oakdale Avenue while on his way to visit his wife in a convalescent home." He later died on March 19. "The youths attacked him from behind and then fled, laughing."

Police think these attacks are "random" and "just for kicks." Samson Chan of the San Francisco Police Department tells ABC 7, "We're dealing with suspects who are cowards, they are basically picking on the most vulnerable people who are harmless and they are just beating them up for no reason just to get a laugh."

Muni goes on to say they've increased police presence on the T Line via undercover agents. Let's hope this is the case.