Noted sign-carrying bon vivant Frank Chu turns 50 today. We should all pause for a moment of unbridled glee for we are most fortunate to have the man in our lives.

In part of this touching letter penned to Frank Chu, Caliber SF's Troy Holden writes: "He is a character with character. He has the universal, timeless quality of the truly gifted metropolitan lurker. He travels to and fro The City from The Town each day via BART carrying with him only a sign and some persistence."

Well said.

In honor of Chu's golden anniversary on Earth, please enjoy this gallery featuring one of San Francisco's greatest characters. Happy birthday, Frank.

For those of you not in the know, check out Chu's Wikipedia page for more details on the eccentric man we've come to admire. Also, if you have a Frank Chu story you'd like to share, tell us all about it in the comments.

Update: If you want to toast Chu in person, he'll be at Maxfield's at the Palace Hotel at 5:30 tonight.