Well, she's been threatening it for weeks, but now apparently it's official - Orly Taitz has decided to run for the Republican Party's nomination for California's Secretary of State. Goddess help us.

Who is this Taitz, you ask? Well, after escaping the musty totalitarian backwater of Moldova and washing up on the sunny, liberal shores of Orange County, attorney/dentist/real estate agent, Lady Miss Taitz, has become well known as the "Queen of the Birthers." Birthers, of course, are crazies who insist against all known forms of logic and reason that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and is thus constitutionally ineligible to be president of the United States.

In her capacity as birther champeen, Taitz, Esq., who probably received her law degree from the Sally Struthers School of Law, has filed lawsuit after lawsuit demanding to see Obama's birth certificate. The courts, for their part, have shown a relatively high level of restraint - she's been smacked with some fines for filing frivolous lawsuits, but has thus far managed to avoid some court-ordered cooling off time in the nearest friendly neighborhood booby hatch of their choice. Pity.