In a snafu that has resulted in the dismissal of at least 90 criminal cases so far, new reports reveal that the San Francisco Police department waited two months to launch their investigation into into a drug lab technician, Deborah Madden, "suspected of stealing cocaine evidence, even though her sister had told the lab she feared the woman had taken home a vial full of the drug" back in December, the Chronicle uncovered. (Speaking of drug abuse and reckless behavior, have you seen the curious promotions for The Learning Channel's new shows Addicted and -- and! -- Hoarding: Buried Alive? Which are, of course, unabashed ripoffs of A&E's Intervention and Hoarders? At first viewing, we thought, how rude, TLC; you totally stole these ideas from your cable neighbor. Then, after stewing about it for a few minutes, we realized that Intervention has been woefully under-produced this season. [For example, what's with all the functioning alcoholics? What happened to strippers nakedly proclaiming themselves Jesus reincarnated while naked and high on meth? Or, better yet, her?] And Horders, while interesting for the first 15 minutes, devolves into 45 minutes of watching a greedy basket-case have a meltdown over whether or not to throw away a broken Ziploc bag. Point being: both shows have ample room for improvement. We're thrilled to see TLC, if we may use a bit of reality-speak, step up to the plate.)

While Madden was receiving treatment at an alcohol rehabilitation program last year, her sister came across a bullet of cocaine in her bedroom. The sister informed the police lab on Dec. 16 about her coke findings, but, according to officials, "before police could examine the vial, the sister turned it over to Madden's rehabilitation counselor, who destroyed it."