For today's snoozeflash from the local media outlets, the Examiner reports that the two San Francisco offices administering the 2010 census haven't had any trouble finding candidates to fill the 3,000 temporary jobs they're offering as census takers and managers. They've got five qualified candidates for every slot in fact, so that's 15,000 people in town, many of whom are multi-lingual and can head into the Richmond speaking Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Russian, and whatever else.

Census forms go out in the mail today, and if you don't mail yours back by April 1, a census taker will come knocking to count you. This process is, of course, terrifying for illegal immigrants, so it's also the delicate jobs of these census takers to somehow explain that they come in peace, they will not report them to immigration, but they still need to know how many children they have and how much money they make. [Examiner]