And now we return to the story of Your Black Muslim Bakery's completely screenplay-worthy implosion of a couple years back. In today's episode, one of founder Yusef Bey's 43 children takes the stand in the first trial of one of the bakery's 'members,' 25-year-old former Mission High School football star Richard Lewis, who stands accused of kidnapping and torturing two women in 2007 in some fucked up attempt to get money to pay off the bakery's enormous debts.

And don't you just love that in the case of YBMB, one does not speak of 'employees,' but of 'members'?

Yusef Bey IV, who took over the bakery after the deaths of his father and half brother, is slated to stand trial at a later date. In Lewis' trial, prosecutors are arguing that Bey IV led the kidnapping because they believed the two women knew where a drug dealer kept his money. Keep that popcorn popping, folks! [Bay City News/SF Appeal]

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