Ye olde Radio Shack in the Castro is making things difficult for the glory that is Trader Joe's. See, the phenomenal supermarket is now having trouble moving into the Market and Noe Center. Why? Because the "batteries-and-speaker-wire purveyor," as Andy Wang at Curbed so expertly put it, doesn't want to leave. Even though they're supposed to. Even though both Kard Zone and Sonia’s Dry Cleaning have agreed to move. Even though "property owner Kent Jeffrey offered to pay to relocate RadioShack across the street," with Radio Shack agreeing in ink to move, the dated electronics store now has "reservations about moving its store."


Bevan Dufty told SF Examiner that Radio Shack is hemming and hawing because "moving across the street because there were too many costly mechanical and electrical issues with the building."

Preposterous, we say! The Castro needs a Trader Joe's! It needs four over-wrapped tomatoes! It needs those tasty little flaky cookies from a bag! It needs Pastry bites with Feta cheese & caramelized onions! To give you an idea of Radio Shack's silliness in this instance: it's like Clothestime refusing to budge while a glorious hybrid of Hermès, Saks Fifth Avenue's Men's Store and Jeremy's stands by with the clock ticking. Fury-inducing, indeed.