Oh dear. From the editor's inxbox comes this heated missive over today's 'Photo du Jour' featuring gifted comedian Dave Chappelle. Black Betty writes:

I can't believe you have that bigot's picture on your site. Someone just sent me this on Facebook from one of her friend's "notes":

Homophobic and Transphobic Comments by Dave Chappelle at New Parish-Oakland
Today at 8:03am
I usually don't mass note but this was a very disturbing experience...

Dear Friends,

After what has been a long and stressful couple of weeks, my girlfriend and I were excited to go see the 8pm showing of Dave Chappelle at the New Parrish in Downtown Oakland. Comedy can be empowering and that’s always what I thought of Chappelle. I really needed a good laugh.

He began with a story of being in San Francisco and being approached by a "man" with "titty balls" and how weird that was and began to mock a gay male voice. He said he was trying to not look at this "man with titties." He talked about how he was uncomfortable and how he was worried about "US Weekly catching them together." He even said "I thought I was gonna walk away without his gayness offending me." He then talked about how the trans individual asked him out to lunch and he reacted angrily.

People were laughing. The environment was hostile and unsafe.