What do young women care about? What are their hopes, worries, and ambitions? Have they heard of feminism, and do they relate to it? In October 2007, journalist Nona Willis Aronowitz and photographer Emma Bee Bernstein embarked on a cross-country roadtrip, meeting with more than 200 women (and men), from all parts of the country, and all walks of life, to discuss their thoughts and feelings about these issues. The aim - to redefine feminism for their generation. What followed was a blog and, last fall, a book, Girldrive: Criss-Crossing America, Redefining Feminism.

Girldrive features conversations with people in places as diverse as far-flung Fargo, North Dakota to our own backwater Babylon, including women who've made feminism their life's work, as well as those who have never given it much thought. Interspersed throughout the dialogue are thought provoking essays by Aronowitz and Bernstein, all tied together with vivid photography cataloging the people they talked to and the places they visited. We think it's quite a book.