Clearly the abundance of pot-butter baked goods in the Bay Area has a trickle-down affect, especially when the baked goods in question are so colorful and enticing: A fifth grader at Stoneman Elementary in Pittsburg brought a medical marijuana edible treat to school, made from delicious Fruity Pebbles, and proceeded to share it with some friends. Apparently there was a narc in their midst, and the kid got busted. Paramedics were called.

But unlike those lightweights in Union City, everybody could handle their high and no one had to be rushed off to the hospital. (Note to persnickety commenters: It is unclear from the story whether anyone actually got high, but cut us some slack.)

The kid swiped the treat from an older sister, and, we quote, "Police are looking into whether the older sister has a medical marijuana card." Cue the anti-pot people and cries about saving the children. [NBC Bay Area]

UPDATE: According to NBC's mood meter, 47% of local readers are currently "laughing" over this, while 27% are righteously "furious," and 7% are sad :-(.