Senator John McCain made a jingoistic off-cuff joke during President Obama's health summit yesterday. "There's two examples right now of medical malpractice reform that is working. One's called California, the other called -- called Texas," he said. "I won't talk about California, because the Arizonans hate California, because they've stolen our water," he said before going on about Texas.

Oh really, Mr. McCain? That's funny because you're proposing to steal water from Colorado and wait... don't you own three homes in California and Colorado? Hrmmmm...

Meanwhile on the California water news front, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced the water supply forecast for the San Joaquin Valley. "Snowpack and runoff forecasts are significantly improved over the past three years and, if current weather patterns continue, California may have an 'average' or better water year," a news release from the Interior said.

“While California’s water crisis is hardly over... [the] announcement today gives hope to our most drought-impacted farmers in the western San Joaquin Valley that they will be able to move forward this planting season," noted Senator Barbara Boxer.