See, this is why a brick fight would've worked so much better. The Department of Public Works is fuming after the clean-0up cost for this year's annual flash pillow night at Justin Herman Plaza came out to $35,000. And now they want the fight's organizers to pony up the money. Trouble is no one knows who exactly the organizers are. Because, you know, it's a "flash mob" event.

SF Gate reports that "[c]ity officials are trying to determine the organizers of the annual Valentine's Day flash-mob-esque event to have them pay the $35,000 tab for cleaning up the last two year's event, said Mohammed Nuru, the department's deputy director." And good luck with that, Mohammed.

Also, the city also wants the pillow fight organizers to "apply for a permit and provide cleanup, security and portable toilets." Which is adorable. Because that's never, ever going to happen. But there really should be an effective flash mob clean team, or whatever, after these things happen. (Any flash mob involving brooms, bleach and wire brushes sounds like a good time to us. Just a suggestion.)

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