Need to get rid of a few electronics? Come on, no one uses printers these days. And you really don't need all of those computers stacked up high in your bedroom, do you, San Francisco tweakers? No, of course not. So, why not recycle your unused electronic equipment while benefiting students in the San Francisco Unified School District.

You can drop off your clunky parts at the following locations on the following dates:

  • February 27 - Woodside Learning at The Principal's Center, 1351 42nd Ave. (10am-2pm)
  • March 6 - Herbert Hoover Middle School, 2990 14th Avenue (10am-2pm)
  • March 13 - Newcomer High School, 1350 7th Avenue (10am-2pm)
  • March 20 - Sunset Elementary School, 1920 41st Avenue (10am-2pm)
  • March 27 - Cesar Chavez Elementary School, 825 Shotwell (10am-2pm)

Most desirable items for donation are television sets, monitors, whole and complete computers, and cell phones. Somewhat acceptable items are laptops, printers, speakers, keyboards, mice, PDAs, radios, stereos, MP3s, DVD/CD players, and VCRs. Unacceptable items are microwaves, batteries, toner/ink cartridges, and of course, cans/bottles.