We wish we had heard about the annual, week-long Tulipmania event at Pier 39 before the rain set in, although it looks like Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday might be dry.

Tulipmania showcases thousands of tulips throughout both levels of Pier 39, featuring a variety of "whimsical topiaries" interspersed among the flower beds. This year's collection will feature flowers of every color combination conceivable including Apricot Beauties, Texas Flames, Purple Princes, Flaming Parrots, Swan Wings, Burgundy Lace and more. The tulips will be topped with winter vegetables including lettuce, parsley, celery and red chard.

There's a free guided tour offered daily at 10 a.m., after which participants are invited to the Wines of California Wine Bar for post-tour refreshments. (But you're welcome to check out the tulips on your own at any time.)

Stop at Musee Mechanique and In n Out to make your trip worthwhile, and remember to brace yourself from a potential Bushman attack! (Too bad the sea lions are gone.)