The Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth packed into Marines Memorial Hall today to discuss their "latest" findings in the conspiracy theories — now supported, they say, by a legion of architects and engineers 1,000 people strong — surrounding the alleged planned demolition of the World Trade Center towers nine years ago. Organization head Richard Gage (pictured) spoke about the eyewitness and forensic evidence he's assembled -- "evidence" which isn't so much new, because we've heard it all before, lo these many years now, but which he feels compelled to deliver before a captive audience from time to time.

We won't dismiss it all out of hand in case there are some of you in the studio audience who are part of this "mainstream political reality" (Time, 2006), but we're personally of a mind that two jet planes with full tanks of fuel, aimed just right, could in fact cause a structural collapse like the one that happened that fateful day.

But then, we are neither architects nor engineers, and we do not hold press conferences to share our opinions over and over again for a decade. [via SF Citizen]