Oh boy. Since this video showing two men fistfight on an Oakland AC Transit bus hit the internetwebs, a few things have happened. For starters, the female who shot the video, granted CBS 5 an interview.

The fight started, according to the Iyanna Washington who whole captured the fight on film, after the white man asked the black man for a shoe shine. Then, as these charged events tend to go, a fight ensued.

"The black was was drunk," Washington went on to presume. "The white guy was...on some kind of drug."

She goes on to say that the cops arrested the old man who beat up the younger man. When asked to describe the incident in a word, she semi-jokingly responded, "Oakland."

Washington, it seems, has also fallen victim to numerous Facebook and MySpace attacks over her swiping the old man's bag during the brouhaha. She claims to have since returned the man's property.

Speaking of the old white man, he is best known to SFist readers as the guy who was tased during an Oakland A's game last year. Troy Holden of CaliberSF, who captured this image of the man, notes that in 1996, "I was working at the intersection of 2nd & Market. Each and every day the man pictured above would walk by my shop, wave a loaf of sourdough in my face, and scream obscenities about the San Francisco 49′ers."

The unhinged man got into further mischief after the initial fight on the AC Transit, which Washington also managed to film. Check out what happened after the jump.