San Francisco's favorite athlete, Tim Lincecum, and the Giants "reached a preliminary agreement on a $23 million, two-year contract ahead of the scheduled start of an arbitration hearing," reports KGO/Associated Press. The two-time winning Cy Young Award winner, described by his teammates as a "freak," landed the deal "ahead of the scheduled start of an arbitration hearing."

This is a major boost from his $650,000 salary last year.

"Going to arbitration, everybody knows what can happen and the feelings that can get hurt," Lincecum moped last week. "I'm just trying to keep an open mind. If anybody knows my flaws, I do. If they're going to point them out and that has to happen, then whatever. I know I've got to get better. I don't feel like my feelings are hurt."

He's adorable.

Congratulations, Tim. Glad you're staying in SF. We hope Mrs. Madrigal tapes a joint to your door. You deserve it.