It's a sad day for golden retrievers and ultimate Frisbee players: Walter Frederick Morrison, the inventor of the Frisbee, died of lung cancer on Feb. 9. He was 90. "Inspiration for Mr. Morrison's toy popped into his head in 1937 when he and his girlfriend "entertained themselves by tossing a popcorn-tin lid in the backyard," reports the Chronicle. The couple moved on to tossing a cake pans, then in 1948, Morrison created a plastic Flyin-Saucer disc, which failed with consumers. Years later he re-invented it as the Pluto Platter, then sold the rights to Wham-O in exchange for royalties. And the rest? Is history. That said, why isn't ultimate Frisbee an Olympiv sport yet? Seems like it should be. [via SF Chron]