After this weekend's shooting death outside Suede Nightclub and Lounge, which took the life of 20-year-old Lawson Hall, authorities have temporarily suspended the Fisherman's Wharf venue's license.

"City officials say an emergency suspension was imposed on the Suede Nightclub and Lounge," reports CBS 5/BCN. "After the suspension, officials say the operators of the nightclub voluntarily closed for a month."

And, at the risk of sounding pro-War of Fun, any and all clubs with "nightclub and lounge" in the title should be shutdown. Only permanently. (Take, for example, the new club taking the spot of Annie's Social Club: Ql Ultralounge. Now, we're the last place you'll find thirtysomethings pining for grungy dive bars of yore, but... Ql Ultralounge?! That is the most horrific venue name to taint Folsom Street since Icon Ultra Lounge.)

Anyway, if you recall, Hall was shot and killed outside the Nightclub/lounge by a 19-year-old man. Four others were wounded in the shooting as well. Police have a suspect in custody.