What is it with the people in this city and their obsessive need to tinker with things that aren't broken as a way of drawing attention away from things that actually are? It's like, Muni doesn't work, so let's ban salt within city limits because that's like a far more serious issue to contend with than like getting people to actual places away from their houses, you know?

See, Thursday's Comical reported that the Chamber of Commerce has hatched a nefarious plot to tamper with the city's legislative branch by potentially shifting some supervisorial seats away from individual districts and into at-large positions for which the whole city can vote. The reason? Just cruelty, apparently. Excluding the excuse that electing supervisors by district leads to the rise of alleged zealots (i.e., Chris "Fuck!" Daly), none of the other justifications for this nonsense hold water.

Keep in mind that this is hardly a new idea. Back in April of 2008, town whiner Michela Alioto-Pier went running off to Stepmother of the Century, Dede Wilsey, with complaints of how this pesky thing the peasantry calls democracy was getting in the way of her being able to do her job and, gee, wouldn't it be all great if we could just elect a bunch of rich white guys from Pacific Heights to the Board of Supervisors instead of actual humans from actual neighborhoods who might have a clue as to what's actually going on around town, etc.?

Of course, local commuter and rumored strip mall shopper Chuck Nevius thinks the Chamber's scheme is a grand idea. Why? Basically because: