For some time now we've been following the progress of the amusingly titled Superb Art Museum of America, which remains papered over but with an impressive new, neo-classical facade at 1025 Market (between 6th and 7th). Curbed became intrigued early last year when the building's name got engraved, they connected it to some Buddhists, and then in December revealed the bizarre, cavernous interior which appears to have a large water feature with a foot bridge. We're now connecting this to the rumors we heard over the last couple years about Buddhists taking over the Hibernia Bank (a deal which must have fallen through, if it was ever a reality).

The 'superb' venture appears to be a retail one spearheaded by one H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III whom "persons of holy virtue have recognized or congratulated His Holiness as being the true incarnation of Dorje Chang Buddha." The esoteric Buddhist sect behind it all is called Hua Zang Si (locally headquartered at 3134 22nd Street). A while back they held a "fish release and art exhibition to pray for disaster victims" at the Hilton in San Gabriel, featuring art by H.H. Dorje Change Buddha, as well as other Chinese artists whose work will likely also be on display at the Superb Art Museum. The event had a sales component that lets us understand what wares they may be plying at the museum, once it opens: "Superior Art Building Material Co., Ltd. will provide nearly one hundred items for display, including art frames, faux precious-stone tiles, translucent paintings, and three-dimensional paintings."