SFoodie dug up some dirt on Friday about leases not being renewed at the Ferry Building for places like Lulu Petite and Mastrelli's Deli, and found out that a few other tenants are only hanging on through threats of legal action. Over the weekend, the Chron delved further into the story, which has to do with the FB getting too cool for some of its original tenants, whose leases were based on percentages of sales. The waiting list to snag a stall in the indoor market is apparently long enough that the building managers, Equity Office Property Trust, don't have to worry much and it's all a matter of picking and choosing the best vendors who'll also be the most profitable.

C.W. Nevius also tossed in his alarmist three cents, calling foul for small "mom-and-pop" vendors (should we really be using that term about artisanal food vendors like Hog Island Oyster Co.?), and saying "If they aren't careful, they will kill the organic, free-range goose that laid the golden egg."