While the mentally-disturbed and soul-free members of the Westboro Church protested several San Francisco hot spots on Thursday, the students at Lowell High School beat them at their own game. And how.

SFist reader Caroline tells us:

As a few members of Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church carried anti-gay and anti-Semitic signs on the other side of San Francisco's Eucalyptus Drive this afternoon, Lowell High School students wore yarmulkes to school and held an Israeli folk dance party in the school's front courtyard.

Groups of students from other high schools arrived, carrying signs and wearing T-shirts with peace slogans, as their schools ended for the day. (And I and my friend Jean, a fellow middle-aged PTSA mom, played Jewish music on our accordions on the sidewalk.)

And the Phelps-a-thon, which allows donors to pledge for every minute the demonstration goes on, reportedly raised more than $900 for Lowell's Gay-Straight Alliance.

A peaceful time was had by all, except probably for the sad, disturbed Phelps clan.

Today, the Westboro church will be at Palo Alto's Gunn High School, because of the suicides of several students on the Caltrain tracks since May, blaming their deaths on a lack of God, and then at Stanford University's Taube Hillel House.