Two arrests have been made in the "heroin" brownie case that's been rocking Union City's world this week. As a number of SFist commenters suspected when we first posted the story — being the wise and experienced stoners that they are — the brownies were not laced with anything but marijuana. The kids who were sickened and whose eyes rolled into the backs of their heads were in fact not unknowingly high on smack but were just REALLY high on some truly excellent pot butter.

The makers/sellers of the brownies are an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old, neither of whom go to James Logan High where the kids got "sick." (The 17-year-old is just an industrious dealer from a different school.) And all the students who were variously off their asses and hospitalized have since "recovered" from their ordeal, and will likely know better than to eat a whole brownie all at once next time. This shit ain't for amateurs.