We know many of you haven't listened to terrestrial radio since you were a wee thing, emails have been pouring in today, asking us if we know what happened to Alice Radio's morning hosts Sarah & Vinnie. Here's one query:

What was the comment made on Alice radio that made the manager apologize today??? Sounds juicy---can someone find out??? thanks, Claudia

KPIX Eye On Blogs' Brittney Gilbert, who works in the same building as Alice Radio, points out:

This morning the radio show "Sarah and Vinnie" on the very popular Alice FM (broadcast out of this very building where I write this) did not air. At all. Instead listeners heard an apology from the VP about offensive remarks made on Friday's show that caused outrage among some listeners. Thing is, the VP didn't say what, exactly, was offensive. He didn't even allude to it or hint around.

Gilbert goes on to say that a gay slur might have been uttered, prompting the radio station to yank them off the air.

Intriguing. Because whatever was said must have been something real bad to get the very mainstream shockjock-esque show temporarily booted. A few years ago, before we took over at SFist, your editor was invited on the show with Sarah & Vinnie sidekick Hooman to talk about San Francisco nightlife events. While recording our a&e bit, Hooman pressed us to answer questions about being gay, whether we were "a top or bottom," and if we "took it in the rear." Nothing too horrific; just typical morning radio shtick. (Said banter, we should point out, never made it on the show.) So, whatever was said on-air last Friday must have been... something.

Did you hear what was said? If so, let us know in the comments. Thanks.