by Taryn Harrington

Shannon and the Clams would arguably sound their best at a 1960s themed prom; hosted by the Log Lady from Twin Peaks and attended by every DIY kid in the Bay Area. The band is beloved for their eccentric Shangri-las meets The Bad Brains version of rock and soul, but Tuesdays show at the Hemlock lacked a loyal crowd. Compared to last weeks sold-out show for lead singer Shannon Shaw’s other act, Hunx and his Punkettes, Hemlock was a total dud. “God, it feels like we’ve been playing for seven hours,” Shaw playfully admitted before beginning the last song.

But Shannon and the Clams are not loosing momentum; the Oakland based band played pop melodies and twang guitar that punched with gusto. Songs that stood out included "I Wanna Go Home" and "You Can Come Over". Shaw’s raspy, girl in distress voice croons like a lonely bird.

Let’s hope their show at the Balazo on January 21 will attract a more upbeat and rock ready crowd. We’re store our tacky prom dresses until then.