Holy smokes.

Holy fucking smokes.

Holy fucking, take-my-wife-please smokes. SF SketchFest, the city's annual comedy festival, starts Thursday. Which means you should get your tickets now. Right now. Because shows tend to sell out right-quick.

Aside from it being that time of year when renowned comedians and actors saturate San Francisco, the festival is the best time to check out some of San Francisco's famous comedy club, venues you've only heard about but rarely visit. Cobb's and the Punchline are just a few of the clubs hosting some of the planet's favorite comedians.

Did we mention Neil Patrick Harris will be here, whipping out his bon mots for your pleasure? So will noted ginger Conan O'Brian, stoner Doug Benson, Dave Foley, Andy Richter, Aimee Mann, the Jewishly handsome Michael Ian Black, America's neighbor Edie McClurg, Monty Python's Terry Jones, he who dares to be stupid 'Weird Al' Yankovic, the frighteningly witty/sexy Chris Hardwick, Bill Corbett of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Rachel Dratch, Fred Willard, and more. Much more.

Check out their entire schedule. Or, check out a few choice SFSketchFest events SFist recommends:

1/14: "Opening Night"
with Tim and Eric, Pusswhip Banggang Music Show / Neil Hamburger
8pm @ Mezzanine 21+ $27
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1/15: "The Paul F. Tompkins Show"
with Dave Foley, Illeana Douglas and musical guest Grant-Lee Phillips
8pm with Picnicface
10:30pm with Barats & Bereta
@ The Eureka Theater $25
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