Supervisor Daly's lengthy editorial today in the Fog City Journal shouldn't be too surprising to those familiar with his m.o. He wonders how, at this late date in our profane culture, his vowing to say "fuck" at every Board of Supervisors' meeting should have earned him so much mainstream press attention — not to mention 100 new Facebook friends — and he makes sure to get in a few hefty digs at his best frenemy, Gavin Newsom:

[Newsom] has taken the lead on delivering the truly profane at City Hall. That’s probably why he was so offended that I would use the word “fuck” at the Board of Supervisors, saying, “What other City would put up with this for so long? This is just one in a serious of acts and actions that doesn’t just appear to be petulant, it is petulant.”

Now, keep in mind, that is the same Gavin Newsom that fucked his appointments secretary. She was his best friends wife at the time, so it’s fair to say the he fucked his best friend too. That’s probably why it’s so difficult to believe the man’s righteous indignation.