Illustration: Curbed
Oh, god. Deputy State's Attorney General Christine Sproul has ruled that the proposed high-speed rail terminus must be at the Transbay Terminal, as was stipulated by the voters when they approved the bond measure. But in true lawyerly fashion, she adds that the measure still allows for some variation because it "does not define the Transbay Terminal." This means that the new Transbay Terminal as we know it, designed to be at the foot of the 1,200 ft. Cesar-Pelli-designed dildo tower, may need to be expanded to include that Beale Street wing that South Beach residents vehemently do not want, or the train traffic may have to be split between the Transbay and the existing CalTrain station on King Street. Buckle your seat belts for a whole lot more argument over this, but they'd better goddamn hurry up or else risk losing $400M in stimulus funds. [Chron, Curbed]

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