It's been a big year for food trucks, nonstaurants, and street food in general. In addition to the buzz around things like the Crème Brûlée Cart and the Chez Spencer truck, this summer saw the birth of two new food festivals that are likely to grow and flourish again next year: The SF Street Food Fest, and the Eat Real Fest in Oakland.

Despite all the specialty trucks and culinary wonders now available curbside, street food is obviously nothing new. With all the buzz, however, comes a whole new market and new issues for street vendors, many of whom have been operating illegally. SPUR's Young Urbanists program is hosting a forum on January 26th with Caleb Zigas of La Cocina to discuss these issues, and ask questions like "Is the surge in street food a reflection of a struggling economy, or part of a larger trend in food culture?" and "Can this industry be formalized and who stands to benefit from this process?" Tickets are $20 and include drinks and light food. [via SFoodie]