Last week, Mayor Gavin Newsom kicked off a new online communication series on YouTube, ingeniously christened "Mayor Newsom's YouTube Update." Yeah. But it's kinda cool, actually, where in each week Newsom sits down in front of a marble fireplace and talks to SF denizens, saying, "What's up, yo? Here's what I've been up to..."

For better or for worse, it's like we have our old mayor back.

He dedicates this week's MNYU to writer and friend of SFist Beth Spotswood, who, in her most recent post on SFGate, calls out Newsom for being, well, a tad boring on film. And she was right. Of course. Then, in an extraordinarily rare tongue-in-cheek or angrily baring teeth-smiling move -- we can't decide which; figuring out his emotional state is an insurmountable feat -- Newsom responds to Spotswood by adding a festive poinsettia plant to his most recent MNYU. Aw.