In what's a surprise to absolutely no one, Bobby L. Brown, the man who allegedly stabbed five people in San Francisco this year, might mentally-unhinged. Three of his cases were suspended today, it seems, because "the man's attorney declared a doubt about his mental competency."

According to Appeal/BCN, Brown's alleged attacks include "a 41-year-old woman stabbed in the arm on a Muni train May 12; an 11-year-old boy knifed in the stomach on a Muni bus Sept. 1; two women stabbed while walking in the Tenderloin on Nov. 14 and Nov. 26; and a 24-year-old woman stabbed twice with a corkscrew on a Muni train Nov. 30. " All of the victims survived.

Though Brown is being held on $5 million bail, he is currently residing in a hospital ward due to his status as "a danger to himself and others."

If found mentally incompetent, Brown would remain in a custodial status--typically in a mental hospital, Buckelew said--until competency is restored and criminal proceedings can resume." This process can "take years, if ever."