Following on the heels of Cal students who occupied Wheeler Hall last month to protest fee hikes, students at San Francisco State University have taken over the school's business building.

"The 20 or so protesters inside the building donned masks and blocked the entrances to the building with desks and chairs, while another 30 protesters gathered outside," according to reports.

Upset over budget cuts and fee increases, the occupation started early this morning.

SF Examiner notes: "The university is finding alternative locations for any classes that may be affected by the protest, although it's a somewhat light week prior to exams, which are scheduled for next week."

The student squatters, who entered the building at around 5 a.m., could have stemmed from last night's "Funk the Cuts" fete, an impromptu dance party held in SFSU's Malcolm X Plaza.

Twitter buzz on today's protest ranges from the inspired ("A plea to the sfsu protestors: please come block the humanities building instead. Thank you." @emmacita) to the annoyed ("The business building is occupied. Way to keep ppl from class campus activists! Who u fighting?" @bluecinema).

Update: As SFist commenter Akit pointed out in the comments, all classes held in the Business building have been canceled today.