Two vehicles had to be extinguished by firefighters this morning in the city's South of Market District. According to Appeal/BCN, "Units responded to Jessie and Sixth streets at around 5:15 a.m. to a report of a vehicle fire ... Two vehicles were found burned at the same location."


Speaking of which, some authorities claim that the recent spat of car fires in the city of Richmond and El Sobrante might be "psycho-sexually" driven.

"The psycho-sexual aspect of arson crimes really mirrors the psycho-sexual aspect of other sexual crimes. There’s an excitement phase and a plateau,” Richmond Police Detective Steve Harris explained. "And the reason arsonists tend to commit crimes when doing it for a psycho-sexual reason is that it allows them to regain control where they would otherwise feel powerless."

Harris has complied an arson list, one that works similar to the Megan's Law list, the database for registered sexual offenders.

Detective Harris claims that there's a "sense of euphoria" the arsonists feel after flicking their bics. "The excitement that leads to a plateau of euphoria when they're able to regain control. They're able to set all these things in motion and then able to stand back and watch what happens."