We swear we not trying to pick on our fine mayor. Well, not more than usual. Anyway.

One day after Newsom's spokesman quits, head of the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, Kevin Ryan, turned in his resignation today. Ryan was hired by Gavin Newsom two years ago "after being fired as a U.S. Attorney in the Bush administration." He is scheduled to leave his job on December 18.

City Insider notes:

Ryan said everybody's asking him whether he's part of a "mass exodus" from Newsom's administration (several others have left in recent months, as well), but he told us he made the decision a few months ago that he'd be leaving by the end of the year.

What will he do next? Ryan will start teaching a white collar crime class at the very white University of San Francisco Also, he might write a book. So, yeah, there you have it.