Right. So, Carla Marinucci over at the Comical reports that this fella, Damon Dunn, who is running for Secretary of State, has admitted that he has only voted like once in his entire 33 years on this lonely planet. This of course automatically qualifies him for membership in the He-Man's-Bad-Citizens-Who-Think-They-Should-Be-Our-Leaders Club along with our favorite local career gals, Carly Fiorina (club president) and Meg "Lieberwoman" Whitman (club janitor). Maybe Dunn can be club treasurer. As you will recall, Ms. Whitman, was far too busy raising children while gazing adoringly at her husband's career to bother doing her civic duty, and Ms. Fiorina? Well, who knows? Perhaps she was too busy counting her American dollars to bother dragging her backside down to the nearest friendly polling place. Dunn's explanation for his bad citizenship? He grew up as a poor! Um, no excuse!

New rule - if you have never bothered to make a good habit of actually exercising your right to vote, then you should be banned for life from the bad habit of running for office. Sound like a plan?