While the rest of the world frets over long vaccine lines, or lack of vaccine doses, we have pressing news for you today: transmitting H1N1 to your cat or dog. Up until last week, veterinarians claimed that "it was a myth that house cats could catch the deadly H1N1 flu from their owners."

That is, until a 13-year-old Iowa indoor cat caught the virus. Discovery reports:

Those veterinarians, along with other health experts, are revising their views after an Iowa Department of Public Health announcement Wednesday that the virus has been confirmed in an indoor 13-year-old cat, which likely contracted the illness from two flu-sick humans in its home.


"We're seeing reverse zoonosis, with the virus jumping from people to animals," Alfonso Torres told Discovery News. He goes on to add, "In theory, cats could infect humans, but there is no evidence for that yet." Which: of course there's no evidence for that yet; cats are awesome and wouldn't go to the effort to infect humans.

Anyway, no word yet if the H1N1 vaccine would work on cats, but...probably not. Also, the entire world would nut if our felines friends were given H1N1 vaccines. Alas. But fortunately, Torres points out, "there are some 60 million cats and only the one reported case, so the risk of other cats becoming infected appears to be low at this point."