Earlier this week we told you about the owner of Ocean Avenue Books who, after receiving a less than glowing Yelp review, went crazy on Yelper "Sean C.," showed up at his front door, and tried to attack him.

Now we're hearing that this may not have been the case.

Valleywag reports that it might have been "Sean C." who was the batshit one. (We're going to call it a draw for now.) Editor Ryan Tate interviewed the bookstore proprietor in question. While Ocean Ave. Books owner Diane Goodman admits sending loonily angry messages to "Sean C." after his "TOTAL MESS" comment about her business, she "vehemently denies his version of subsequent events. "

Goodman, it seems, tracked down "Sean C's" address in order to apologize to him in person for her terse comments. (For the record, no SFist commenter has ever tracked us down to apologize to us in person.) After arriving at "Sean C.'s" door, introducing herself as a neighbor, and then being invited in, the Yelper went in for the kill.

He said, 'You fucking bitch,' and jumped out and grabbed me, and we were struggling and rolling down the steps together... He ran over me. We were rolling down the steps and I was fighting to get away from him.

Goodman goes on to tell Valleywag that she "acknowledges getting a ticket from the police for battery." What's more, "she's been told she and 'Sean C.' will both answer to a judge at a forthcoming court date."

We're not sure who to believe. But we're dying to know more about her egregious use of the term "pussy." Stay tuned.

Next episode: "Sean C.'s" rebuttal.