Radio station 92.7, once a gay-friendly station brimming with synthetic beats, was bought by new owners in September. Said new owners fired most of the staff and talent, replacing them with, for lack of a better word, dreck.

The new owners were also hot with accusations of homophobia after firing popular morning radio hosts Fernando & Greg (who can now be heard here.)

This morning, 92.7 was yet again accused of hating on the gays. Local listener Scott Oswald reports that KREV 92.7 morning show host "Elvis" (nee Dan Lay) made an surprisingly unfunny fag joke on the air. Sending SFist and a few local notables a terse email over this morning's show, Oswald reports:

Today, the host of the Dog House Morning Show, Elvis, yelled homophobic slurs at a person he called as a "prank". Elvis is the stage name of Dan Lay who broadcasts from Las Vegas as part of the Dog House Morning Show airing in San Francisco on KREV and in Las Vegas on KFRH. During the broadcast, Elvis yelled at the person who answered his call accusing him of stealing an NFL team flag from his car. The startled man he called said he didn't steal the flag and added that doesn't even watch football. Elvis replied "What kind of man doesn't watch football. What are you a (bleeped out by station)?" The man hangs up at this point. Elvis calls him back and a woman answers the phone. Elvis says "Where is that butt sniffer I was just talking to?" He goes on to yell at the woman and then calls another person and makes fun of his accent.

Worse than the butt sniffer joke or gay slur, the DJ's name is "Elvis" and the show is called "Dog House Morning Show. It's like a bad Family Guy parody come to life, something even Howard Stern would meh at after hearing. Very unoriginal.