Yesterday, we talked to you about Schwarzenegger's clever missive to Asm. Tom Ammiano, where the governor tossed him a good ol' fashion "fuck you" while informing him that he vetoed his Port of SF bill. SFBG editor Tim Redmond called the governor's press office to ask about the now famous veto message with a little something special. Redmond reports:

Aaron McLear from the governor's press office just called. When I asked him if the Fuck You message was intentional, all he would say was "what a strange coincidence." He was clearly being sarcastic.

Tweedle, that pretty much confirms it -- these guys knew exactly what they were doing.

But was is a coincidence? Odds are it wasn't. In fact, Eye On Blogs' Brittney Gilbert says that's the odds are next to impossible. See, an astrophysicist friend of hers tells her, "[T]he odds of this exact message is 1 in 8031810176 (according to my calculations). That doesn't include having a paragraph break where the space is." So, there you have it.