In what could be the story of the century, a Target store might be coming to one of the floors at the Metreon.

We'll let that sink in. Because: OH MY GOD.

According to SF Business Times, "Metreon owners Westfield and Forest City have recently pulled back on several preliminary lease deals at the center and are said to be negotiating to lease an entire floor to Target." This comes on the heels of the Metreon floundering since 2006, seeing numerous stores (like Sony Playstation and Discovery) close. Business Times goes on to say that a Target "would also mark a stark departure from their stated reimagining of the Metreon as a food and culture-centric locale dominated by local stores rather than chains."

We don't see why the tinfoil megaplex at Mission and Fourth Streets couldn't handle both the farmers market and a Target. But if not, who cares; it's Target. The city has enough venues in which we can buy farm-fresh fruit and vegetables.