Check it, check it... A Vacaville boy was about to turn one last week, yo. He and his cuzzes and his parents were going to kick back and chill at a park with some beers and some cake and some skunky green weed that his dad was bringing. The problem is, his dad gave him too big a hit before the party started (or was it a pot cookie?). And then, since he was only one year old and couldn't really hold his own, his dad dropped him back home at his ma's because he was turning into kind of a buzz kill. But now she's pissed and got the po-po involved, and Dad's being held under suspicion of child endangerment. [Ed. Note: A paltry 14% of NBC Bay Area readers are "laughing" about this. Come on guys. Do us proud. Go to work against those "furious" clickers.]

We don't think the authorities ever went after this dad who exploited the stoned-like intoxication of his young son after a dentist appointment. But yes, of course, that's completely different and we're absolutely *furious* that such an event might take place so close to home.