Saturday was sunny and electronic; Sunday was chilly and leaned more toward back-to-basics rock. Also thrown in was some gypsy music, hip-hop, and whatever you want to call this new rock operetta thing The Decemberists can't keep themselves from playing, as well as several cupcake hovercrafts, and a steampunk sideshow with old-timey games hosted by Mister Gnogiurzauchshoff's Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights. And both days sold out! Weather shifts aside, the Treasure Island Music Fest was once again the swellest and most human-scaled festival we've ever been to -- and as Thao, she of the Get Down Stay Down, put it, it's simply "the bestival."

NOW UPDATED... with a few shots of the Flaming Lips by vonlohmann on Flickr, which we failed to get due to battery troubles.