It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Let's check in on the Board of Supes shall we? The Chron's Insider column brings us a couple notes on Board happenings this week, noting firstly the non-news that Michela Alioto-Pier has too few allies left and therefore can't get anything done, such as her proposal to allow public comment at committee meetings. Sad.

Supervisor Carmen Chu is sponsoring her now annual Halloween costume drive for underprivileged children, and SF Weekly's Snitch blog quotes Chu's aide Cammy Blackstone as advising, when it comes to donating your used sexy nurse, sexy maid, and sexy pasta chef costumes, "This is not burlesque."

Also of note, Chris Daly is proposing a law aimed at Newsom advisor Michael Yarne that would prohibit city officers and agents from soliciting donations for non-profits that fund city departments. The bill would adversely affect folks like Friends of the Public Library, and they're understandably against it.