Forget the Nobel Prize. Screw having your own pencil sharpener in the Oval Office. Real power comes from your mere presence being able to alter Muni's schedule. And that's just what President Barack Obama has done. When he visits San Francisco tomorrow, Muni reroutes will go into effect.

Brace yourselves: the 26 Valencia (at Mission and Mary), the 27 Bryant (5th & Folsom, 5th & Howard, 5th & Mission), and 38 Geary, and 38L Geary Limited (Geary & Kearny, Geary & Stockton, Geary & Powell) will all get loopy from around 2 p.m. Thursday to 2 a..m Friday.

Check out SFMTA for more information.

If all goes swimmingly seamless, tomorrow's buses won't look like the harrowing screen capture at right. Shudder.