Are you of the gay persuasion? Do you have a family? Do you like old roller coasters? Do you like Dipping Dots? Well, you're in luck. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a seaside attraction usually filled with vile teenagers and gang members, is having Gay Family Day this coming Saturday, 10/3.

This would be the boardwalk's first Gay Day ever. Which is a surprise since the area started out as a bathhouse attraction back to 1865, with the boardwalk being built "by Santa Cruz businessman Fred Swanton, who aimed to create a 'Coney Island' for the West Coast." Today, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk boasts rides like Logger's Revenge, The Giant Dipper (built in 1924!), miniature golf, and the relatively new WipeOut ride that will, most likely, make you puke.

So, for those of you who can't stand to go to one more Castro Street Fair -- which is on Sunday, so you could conceivably do both -- head down south to Santa Cruz for a little queer family fun.

Tickets run at $29.95 per person. Boardwalk hours are 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Oh, and here are some directions on how to get there. Have fun!

(Via SFCitizen)