Well, would you look at that. SFist landed an invite to a VIP party at the Contemporary Jewish Museum for a fete honoring Spike Jonze's re-telling of Where the Wild Things Are. Actually, it was also a benefit for 826 Valencia, the Mission district nonprofit that makes people feel good via honing the writing skills of those less fortunate. Or, it's a pirate store. Anyway, last night's festivities, in the end, were all about honoring Hollywood ilk.

A few things you need to know about last night's party.

1) Catherine Keener is adorable, even when under the weather
2) Everyone was wearing Burger King hats
3) We (press) were not invited to the pre-screening of WTWTA
5) The entrance to the Contemporary Jewish Museum is stunning at night
4) Dave Eggers is a stupidhead meanie who hates us

Asked to bring a photog, we took noted local photographer Darwin Bell with us. After spending an hour or two getting tipsy at Orson, we finally arrived at the celebration of Maurice Sendak's cherished kid's book cum film, with time to spare. Once inside the museum, which we highly recommend, we grabbed several free glasses of wine, shoved a few free appetizers down our throats, and got to work. Well, we tried to get to work, anyway. But no one would let us.