How could a place so sweet sounding be so violent? When that place operates in the Tenderloin, it's damn easy. And, as he's done before to other heavenly establishments, City Attorney Dennis Herrera wants to shut the place down. According to the CA Office, Herrera moved one step closer yesterday "to shutter the Pink Diamonds nightclub, a notorious public nuisance in the Tenderloin where a brutal June 27, 2009 slaying represented only the worst episode so far in a pattern of lawlessness that has required more than 230 service calls by the San Francisco Police Department in the last six months alone."

Most troubling, the nightclub has refused to cooperate with authorities in murder of 30-year-old Harris Fulbright, which happened just outside the club. According to SF Chronicle, authorities are "stymied by the club's security personnel refusing to hand over security footage and the names of club employees." Which: strange.

Anyway, the 220 Jones skin venue has played host to "scores of documented illegal acts since the nightclub's operator agreed to obey all laws in a stipulated injunction last March."

"The operators of this club have demonstrated shocking disregard for public safety, for the law, for the court, for the police, and for neighboring residents," Herrera said. "With our motion [yesterday], we're saying enough is enough -- Pink Diamonds needs to be shut down before another life is lost. It is obvious that the operators of this nightclub have no interest in running a business within the parameters of the law, and it is equally obvious that this extraordinary step is necessary."

No word yet on when, exactly, the club will close its doors for good. We can't imagine anytime soon. Pink Diamonds' most recent Twitter message, much to our sheer delight, reads thusly: "We got too many women customers... damn where dey come from? and they tippin! aint trippin! keep com n."