Oh oh. It's on.

Today, we got word that Jerry Brown has filed with the Secretary of State for a "Brown for Governor Exploratory Committee." That is to say, he's one step closer to making a return to Sacramento, where he will, hopefully, fulfill his promise to finish his gubernatorial portrait. (If some of you moonbeam-era readers recall, Brown had artist Don Bachardy leave a small section of his official [and, at the time, quite controversial] state portrait incomplete. Why? Because Brown made a promise to comeback and finish the job when he returned to California's throne.)

Anyway, Brown is now allowed to raise funds for his "potential race at a higher contribution level."

But, as SFist has already asked you in the past, who do you now want as the next Governor of California? Thus far in the game, we have a former eBay CEO, the husband of a Trauma guest star, and now a former Oakland Mayor, just to name a few, vying to get on the ballot. To help you out, we've denoted each possible candidate (it's an incomplete list, we know) with their corresponding astrological sign. (You do choose your politicians by their sun sign, right?) Choose wisely.